Many long evenings have been spent working on this number. This double-breasted suit jacket is a piece we have scrutinized inside and out looking at every detail down to the size of the flap on the 3-pockets, all the way through to the thickness of the  floating chest plate used in the jacket.

The jacket differs from our earlier suit jacket (Sweet Boy) by having a higher fastening double breast panel complete with narrower lapels. It still has a 6 button front, but we have traded in the covered buttons for some horn-rim style buttons that match perfectly with the tones of the 100% wool fabric used.

The cut and length of the jacket is slightly shorter however, it still holds that slight kick out from the waist down that we like to see in our jackets. Other details are the slanted side pockets, two internal pockets and a 7-inch double vent on the back.

Well there you go, we’ll let you find out the rest.

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